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No Complacency

I have an insatiable desire to take life up levels upon levels! There is a passion in me that burns!! But, what is it? And, why? It’s a drive to not promote myself, but it goes deeper than that. It is an obsession to express the Love and Peace that I have been given and have experienced! It is a Peace that passes ALL UNDERSTANDING! It is a Love that passes ALL UNDERSTANDING! Common sense sometimes is too common, and the only solution is the one that no one else has seen nor understood yet. Being complacent will keep us inside common sense and we will all remain common. But, you and I want to grow!!! To Expand!! To reach!! To reach what? Or who? We’ve been created and designed to see what’s in front of us before we go there. But, if we do not see, then we cannot go! The eyes of our understanding must be opened to see! I pray that within these letters and intimate blogs, you will see the true heart of PEACE! Peace goes beyond your current circumstance and sees far beyond where you are right now. The desire for peace is in every person! Some fill it with temporal or vain things; however, they seek to meet it! It is an intimate design of creation to crave, want, and desire! The more that you suppress those desires with the current extent of affairs, you shortsighted yourself. You then begin to long for immediate peace which can ultimately be predicated on counterfeit or short lasting peace! If you refuse to shortsighted yourself and look a little deeper, or even a little further, you will then notice that the answers are bigger and better than all of your problems! It now becomes your choice whteher you want excellence or an exit. Whether you want over-and-beyond or under-and-just enough. It also depends on the depth of your soul. Your soul was designed for wellness and prosperity! It will only prosper and be well to the extent to which you want it to be. I want the unlimited life and not the oppressed life! What you want you can have! Why do I want unlimited? Because, all I have is Love and Peace to share and why would I want to limit that?

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