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I write this title the way that I did because while looking to fulfill a mission, it is important to have momentum, but not just any momentum, a momentum of peace!

There are two parts to this: Momentum and Peace!

While being obsessive and passionate is actually a good thing, it must be rooted in Peace!

Ihave all of my life been excited about something. I wanted to work a 40 hour job before I was old enough to count because I liked work. However, thankfully, I wasnt forced to and the paths of life were still blessed. I still had an amazing desire to DO Something!

That drive ultimately led me to pursuing business and entrepreneurship!

While on this journey, I did discover that it fueled the longing to DO something. However, as I grew, other things were put on my plate and I became less controllable over my true passion and became distracted with the realities of life.

At this point, must adults, shake this off as a "growing up" moment and began to get "real" jobs.

But, I propose the question what is more real than the job and calling to which you were deployed to accomplish?

This is where Peace comes in.

On my journey, I knew that giving up on your dreams was not the way to go.

So, I pressed in even more, pushed in even more, took on even more. This was a deeper and deeper hole that I was digging and soon life became overwhelming.

Things began to stack up and I no longer was centered on my purpose and mission.

Again, this is where Peeace has to come in.

The minute that I really "woke-up" and realized that all I needed to do was to prioritize and focus on one thing, it all began changing for the better!

The moment I began following peace in every decision and action that I made and previously had taken, I cleared my plate of clutter until the plate became a plate of peace!

I wanted nothing but peace and lovew to give.

This meant clearing clutter relationally, financially, spiritually, mentally, and physically!

You must be motivated by the idea of Peace and by the One who gives Peace!

This is where true momentum can run.

When your vision is clear (and at peace), then your vision will appear (in peace)!

The manifestation of your vision may not look exactly how you thought it would be, but peace will lead you there in a way that you will be happy that you followed!

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