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Yoga at Home


Yoga Session

Enter into a Greater Level of Meditation, Elevated Brain Waves, Improved Breathing, and a Deepening, Strengthening, and Empowering of the Body!

Open Your Chakra Energies, Strengthen Your Body through Beginner to Intermediate Levels of Yoga Poses. You will be able to Find the Flow the fits your Body!  

Such a Great Way to Enhance your life, body, and PEACE! Ease into our PEACE flow to help find YOUR OWN PEACE FLOW!

Through methods of Breathing, Stretching, Elongating the Body, Balancing the Body, Meditating, and Having Fun, you will be at higher levels that you have never experienced before.

Our classes are for all levels and one can grow immensely and benefit in tangible ways of PEACE!


Gentle Yoga

Bamboo Stretch, Animal Flow, Breathe and Meditation

Hatha Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga

Begin Here with a Nice Meditative State. Realign and Refocus your body in deep meditation, breathework, stretching, strengthening, balancing, and aligning!

Stretch Deeper, Move Freer, Have More Balance and Strength within your joints. 

Enhance your breathing by practicing breathing methods and techniques that give you deeper, stronger, and better breathes.


Enduce more of your parasympathetic system through meditation and realigning the chakras and energy flow.

A smooth, powerful flow that enduces strength and balance within the body but also chakra focused in its meditation and allows for realignment in every area of the body!

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