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Semi-Private Classes


Intro to Weightlifting

Intro to Olympic Lifting

Booty Blaster


These classes are designed in a format to be small enough to focus in on you... as if you were in a private training class...

They are designed to not only help you build and get in shape but to enhance your movement, strengthen your power, and improve your OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE!

Strength & Form

Under a more directive attention, your trainer will be able to help essentiuate proper lifting and movement habits.

In addition, through our experience, you will learn the hacks to building strength and getting results a lot quicker and deeper.

Power & Performance

These classes are designed to boost your body's efficient use of strength and mobility in regards to quickness. By doing so, you will have enhanced your body's ability to produce optimal power and strength quicker and quicker!

NeuroMuscular Efficiency & Cardio

Execute better movement, core optimization and control, balance, precision, flexibility, mobility. While simultaneously engaging more cardio and oxygen optimization.

Get a good cardio exercise while improving the flexibility, mobility, and efficiency of the joints, limbs, and other major parts of the body!


Single Classes

1 Class Drop-In + On-line Class

4, 8, 12+

Any 4, 8, 12+ classes / month

* Ask about Convenient Scheduling *

Classes & Gym

Any Amount of Classes + the Gym!

Online App

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