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The Ultimate Performance Training Center

Build THE Foundation for a Completely Peaceful Healthy LEGACY!

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Quintin Howze

As a student of Chiropractic and an avid researcher into movement, Quintin uses his knowledge and experience in weightlifting and physique building to bring a unique experience to each foundational workout.


mike warson

With over 35 years of experience and bodybuilding, Mike brings a foundational approach to fitness and training that ignites and transforms the metabolism and system effectively.


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Peace Fit

Our classes


Build THE Foundation for a Completely Peaceful, Healthy LEGACY!



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​Customer Reviews

Just the type of boxing class I was looking for. I want to move and throw punches like I’m training for an actual fight rather than a really lame aerobics class.

Great, very challenging class with Marcus, lots of conditioning strength work, then hitting the bag + mit work. If you’re trying to push yourself, this is for you.

It was Laura’s first time teaching and she was great! The studio is quite small and intimate, which was a nice change of pass from my usual class structure. Overall, look forward to retaking her class.

It was my first time here, and had an amazing experience! Will be back every day. He’s a great instructor and takes care of everyone!

HIIT with Quintin


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